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BEST Behaviour Workshops and Teleconferences

For Parents & Professionals

We know that parenting and teaching young children is challenging even for the most experienced!

can help you nurture their nature and bring out their best with BEST Behaviour Workshops and TeleConferences.

BEST Behaviour Topics

Any of these sessions can be customized for your AGM, Parent Night, Office Lunch & Learn; Just Ask!

Notes for Community Workshop sessions

  • Registration Policy
    • Contact Mary Stuart by email () or telephone (905-420-0799) to confirm a place before paying online. There are several payment options including PayPal. PayPal or credit card users should visit our payments page after their place has been confirmed, and choose either a single session or a two-session package from our menu of options.
  • Cancellation Policy
    1. Workshops may be cancelled due to severe weather conditions or low enrollment
    2. In the event of cancellation, participants will be notified by phone and email
    3. Fees are transferable and non refundable
Public workshops are listed first and then on-demand workshops and teleconferences.

Keeping up the P.A.C.E (Positive Attitude Changes Everything)

Guiding Behaviour is challenging even for the most experienced!

If your goal is to CHANGE behaviour and not just STOP behaviour then this workshop is for you.

It will focus on:

  • The B.E.S.T. Behaviour Principles
  • 3 Key Perspectives in any Behavioural Situation
  • Root Causes of Behaviour
  • How to use P.A.C.E and be an Effective Agent of Change

Behaviour Teacher vs Behaviour Manager

Discover how to be more effective, more positive and less frustrated!

The workshop will highlight:

  • 2 Distinct Discipline Paradigms
  • The Pitfalls of “Behaviour Management”
  • 5 Key Principles to Teaching Behaviour Skills
  • How to Prevent Challenging behaviour
  • How to Implement Strategies that Work

Mastering the Art of Child Behaviour

Essentials for BEST Behaviour — Part 1

We know that teaching young children is challenging even for the most experienced!

Find out how to improve children’s behaviour, nurture their nature and bring out their best!

You will learn:

  • Why young children behave the way they do
  • How to prevent the behaviour you don’t want
  • Strategies & Techniques to increase the behaviour you do want

Temper Tamer: Guiding Emotions — Part 2

Dealing with children’s strong emotions takes more than limit setting or telling children to “use their words.”

Parents and Early Childhood Educators play a critical role in developing a child’s social and emotional development.

You will learn:

  • How to handle intense emotions and feelings
  • Strategies to help children understand their emotions and those of others
  • Techniques for teaching children to problem solve
  • Tools for bringing down the intensity and enhancing self-control
  • What to do between tantrums and meltdowns

How to Get Along! Developing Social Skills — Part 3

Behaviour is complex and often misunderstood. One of the key factors missing in teaching and guiding children’s behaviour is social skills.

Many children who lack social skills often present as “behaviour” problems.

You will Learn:

  • The key ingredients to good social skills
  • How to teach social skills in the classroom
  • How to help children develop confidence and competence in their social relations
  • Reduce bully-type behaviour and victimization

He's Pushing my Buttons! Emotional Management Training for Staff

Even seasoned professionals lose their temper. Emotional “Intelligence” is a true survival skill—those who have it will succeed better at work, in relationships and be happier in general.

This workshop will cover:

  • The concepts of emotional intelligence
  • How to apply it to daily life with kids!

Motivation & Passion for LIFE! How to Have it, Maintain it & Share it!

Every day is a new day!

Discover how to keep up the joy and enthusiasm for life’s most important job – guiding children!

Be Rekindled and Rejuvenated in your role as Supervisor/Educator/Parent.

Striving for Excellence is an excellent follow-up to this workshop.

Striving for Excellence: Reclaiming Child Development in the Classroom

Successful Classrooms take a combination of energy, talent, desire, vision and determination.

As teachers, we are powerful influencers who impact and inspire children’s healthy growth and development.

Rediscover how to create and enhance environments that are intentional and purposeful.

Reclaim childhood and Be the Leader of the next generation!

This workshop is an excellent follow-up to Motivation & Passion for Life.

Healthy Pathways: How to enhance development

Brain research confirms that play is THE way to help children get set for life!

You will learn:

  • Best practices for early childhood development
  • How to boost development and have fun
  • Your impact on children’s future success
  • How to set the stage maximize children’s potential

Authentic Self-Esteem!

Helping children become who they were meant to be is more than saying “Good boy” or “Good job”.

Learn how to teach and foster true, authentic self-esteem!

Early Warnings: When to be Concerned?

When to be concerned and what to do next!

You will learn:

  • Ages and stages of development
  • Warning signs in child development
  • What steps to take next
  • How to work with parents
  • How to programme plan for children with special needs

Best Practices is Inclusive Education

All children have “special” needs sometimes

You will learn

  • It’s easier than you think!
  • Inclusion philosophies & research
  • Play-based Intervention Model
  • How to easily adapt your setting
  • Effective & Fun Strategies that work


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