...inspire their best! e-news#25: Make Every Day Count

by Mary Stuart, E.C.E.D.H., RECE

“How lovely to think that no one need to wait a moment, we can start now, start slowly changing the world.” Anne Frank

How can we start to change the world? By making every day count.

We know the busyness of life is eroding our connectedness to not only our children but to all the beauty that surrounds us each day: Family, friends, blue skies, wind, snow, buds on trees, butterflies….

We can begin to change the world by being alert to who and what is around us, by being grateful for who is in our life and for all the blessings we have and by being kind to each other.

Let’s make a resolution this year to make every day count!

5 Simple Ways to Keep those “Good” Intentions Alive for the New Year:

  1. Every day is a new day to begin again – our attitudes, our words, our actions – toward our selves, toward the children, toward each other – we can make them “good” ones
  2. Every day do something kind
  3. Express gratitude – it has a long term impact and influence on others, & ourselves
  4. Think Positive: Research shows that positive thinkers enjoy greater satisfaction and success in life.
    • Some of us are more negative thinkers, somemore positive and some in between.
    • We can train our thoughts and teach children to see the positive within the seeming “negative”…
  5. Notice each other.
    • Too often we take those closest to us for granted or we are just too busy.
    • Slow down, take the time to notice the children busy being children, encourage their efforts, let them know you “see” them for who they are…
    • Let each other know how much they mean and how they touch your life…

Pick one and try it for a week and see the life changing differences…

Remember the quality of life is determined by our attitudes and actions.

Each day is a gift, each year a blessing. Let’s make this one the B.E.S.T. year ever!


Spread Peace, Joy and Happiness wherever you go…