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Creating a Growth Mindset, Mary Stuart, Director

_A toddler can do more in one unsupervised minute than most people can do all day-

I am fascinated about how children learn.  What is in their mind when they explore with all their senses; when they use their body to move, explore, discover, investigate, search delve into …inquire.

How we view children’s behaviour will determine how we will respond. (Dr. Ross Green)  Do I see this as “mess” making or do I see it as gathering information, exploring science and math concepts; making a hypothesis and building skills sets? 

Do I view an outburst from a child as defiant, disrespectful or naughty?  Or, do I see it as an emotion exploding in the body and they are still learning how to self regulate?

In other words what are we doing to set the stage for the love of challenges, learning and growth?

A GROWTH MINDSET: A mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations

  • Why do some children give up when they encounter difficulty? 
  • Why do others continue to try again, strive and learn?

Carol Dweck, Professor at Stanford University and the author of Mindset helps us to understand what we are doing to enhance a growth mindset or creating a fixed mindset.

  • PRAISE creates the fixed-mindset child’s need for external approval: “Good job”
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT creates the growth-mindset, a child’s strong sense of self:  “That looks like it took a lot of effort”

PRAISE is an opinion which children often rightly hear as an expectation. “Your such a good boy”

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT allows you to encourage kids without pressure or expectation because it gives them proof that the strength is already there. “That was very kind of you to help your brother”


Let’s follow the advice of neuroscientists and researchers and give our children the best gift of all … to try, try again; effort is more important than results and mistakes are a good thing – there is always more to learn.

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