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Puzzle Solvers! Reframing Behaviour

Mary Stuart,

An understanding heart is everything in a teacher. — Carl G. Jung

I like to think that teaching children is like one big jigsaw puzzle. Every child is unique, has a pattern, is needed to complete the picture.

Viewing behaviour challenges as a puzzle aids in clarifying the issue; separating the deed from the doer; and helps in creating a positive framework for connecting with a child and guiding their learning.

The framework is simple: this is a child and is still learning. I am learning how they learn so I can help them learn the next steps to success.

With days filled with children and their behaviour challenges this is a fine art to say the least!

Decades of reframing, rethinking, refocusing a child’s way of navigating life within a group of other children and multiple adults is fascinating to say the least. It is inspiring to see children learn how to wait, take a turn, get along, use words, solve puzzles, deal with stress…

When they get stuck, there is a variety of ways to deal with their frustrations, upsets, stressors, demands, needs, dislikes.

And that is where we come in — reframing it as a puzzle:

  • How can I look at this differently?
  • What is the child still learning?
  • What can I do to support the child in navigating this situation?
  • What is/are the emotion(s) behind this behaviour.

As we turn over the pieces to the behaviour puzzle, we will start to have more understanding, more compassion and positive strategies to complete the task at hand – helping a child learn.

Whoever is happy will make others happy too. — Anne Frank

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. — Henry Ford

Here’S To Being A Champion Puzzle Solver!

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