...inspire their best! enews #52: The Essence of Learning: A Child’s Perspective

Mary Stuart, Director

ESSENCE: real meaning, soul, heart, core, fundamental nature
LEARNING: to discover, find out, hear, realize, understand, gather

An understanding heart is everything in a teacher. —Carl G. Jung

I believe the most effective teaching strategy is to view the world from a child’s perspective. To ask ourselves what is going on at their age and stage—evelopmentally, mentally, behaviourally, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually.

When parents and teachers take the time to reflect, step back, pause and review from the lens of a child that is when the true essence of learning begins.

Trying to see, feel, hear, and even smell from a child’s perspective helps teachers and parents to assess the surroundings, the activities, the stress levels, the feelings inside that they may be experiencing, so that we can provide, support, and assist them in their learning more accurately, authentically and positively.

When we take the time to look and listen with the eyes of a child, we then can become the inspired parent and teacher we all are meant to be!

How Does Learning Happen?… invites educators to consider a more complex view of children and … to consider changing what we pay attention to; the conversations that we have with children, and in how we plan and prepare… P17.

Through the Lens of a Child:

“I am not ready to share, stay focused, be quiet, be still or be patient. I can’t control the urge to wiggle, run, jump, make noise and climb on things! I depend on you to help me develop the skill I’ll need for big school. But for now I also need you to LET ME PLAY! I AM A TODDLER!!!”

  • Proof of learning should be on a child not on a worksheet.
  • Happiness is having a serious conversation with a small child.
  • Forget dancing like no one is watching. Dance like a toddler. They don’t even care if there is music!
  • When someone asks why someone would ever become a teacher (or parent), remind them why it’s worth it. Every job has its ups and downs but not every job can change a life!

Happy Summer Days!


Professional Development: Foundations for Learning: Taking HDLH? to the Next Level

We have developed a 6 part Training Series on the Foundations for Learning based on the How Does Learning Happen? document.

The information helps ECEs go deeper into the application of the theories in their every day work with the children.

Examples and simple strategies are highlighted throughout the training to support best practices that foster optimum learning in the classroom.

Please do no hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have on the training and/or to understand the scope of the training series.

Booking for Fall – Some Summer Dates Still Available:


Mary Stuart, Director