...inspire their best! e-news #47: Engaging Children's Learning!

Mary Stuart, Director

ENGAGED: busy, occupied, free, full, working, functioning

Wonder is the beginning of Wisdom. —Socrates

We know that parents and teachers have a tremendous influence on child behaviour and development.

Setting the stage for learning is crucial in preparing the brain for a solid foundation and helping children to be interested, motivated and engaged learners.

Understanding how a child learns provides direction to on how to effectively connect children in active, creative and meaningful exploration and is key to activating their capacities and potential!

How do children learn best?

  • 30% from hearing
  • 60% from seeing
  • 90% from doing

By merely providing interesting objects, materials, and activities that are novel, fun, and stimulating, creates the stage for children to become CAPABLE, CURIOUS, COMPETENT LEARNERS! How simple is that!

Tiny humans see magic and possibility where big humans only see mess and responsibility.

May we see the magic again through their eyes and rediscover all the possibilities life has to offer. — L. R. Knost

Stimulate your curiosity with these questions:

  • What brings this child joy?
  • What areas are engaging the children?
  • What areas are not?
  • Did you have fun today?

The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out. — Bill Gates Sr.

Childlife is excited to announce we have developed a training series for ECEs that incorporates the Foundations for Learning from the How Does Learning Happen? document. The focus is to take ECEs beyond “behaviour management” into the practical side of how to implement the four foundations with strategies that help support, teach and coach children in engaged learning. and we’ll send you the information!


The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. —William Arthur Ward