...inspire their best! e-news #46: Belonging + Well-Being = Learning!

Mary Stuart, Director

You haven’t seen life until you have seen it through the eyes of a child

The essential element in the _How Does Learning Happen?_document is about learning through relationships: child, teacher, environment, family.

All are key to enhancing a child’s optimum development.

Every day moments are rich opportunities to encourage a child’s development and build self esteem, thinking and communication skills, social and emotional well-being and the capacity for self regulation.

Our connectedness to who they are, what they are feeling, thinking and trying to express are the foundational components to learning and healthy development.

As we pursue these connections with each child, we are actively producing their sense of well-being and belonging and promoting healthy brain development.

The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change. —Carl Rogers

Time outs, consequences, lecturing, no, don’t, and stop do not teach appropriate behaviour.

Instead they can erode the relationships: Rules without a relationships is rebellion.

Instead we can view behaviour as communication, a social attempt, an emotional expression of fear, joy, frustration, excitement, anxiety, over-stimulation…

When we make the behaviour-emotion connection, we can provide positive, supportive guidance to help a child regulate their emotion and learn new skills to communicate, socially interact, and to self regulate positively.

Childlife is excited to announce that we have developed a training series for ECEs which incorporates the Foundations for Learning from the How Does Learning Happen? document.

The focus is to take ECEs beyond the “old behaviour management” theories and into the practical side of how to implement the four foundations with strategies that help support, teach and coach children in learning.

I think the greatest gift we can give to our children is the sense of belonging and well-being: you matter, you’ve captured my heart, you’re a special because you are you and I am excited to spend time with you.

“It takes a deep commitment to change and an even deeper commitment to grow.” — author Ralph Ellison

Here’s to Happy Days Learning and Growing Together!


Mary Stuart, Director