...inspire their best! e-news #41: The Power of Perspective!

Mary Stuart, Director

“In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.” —Walter Cronkite, broadcaster

It is hard to believe that spring and summer are really going to arrive – with all this cold, windy, wet weather.
Based on past experience, we know it will get better and that sometimes it takes a little longer to get here.

Guiding children’s behaviour can be like that. We think we are making some headway into shaping their behaviour and then they seem to go backwards or not move forward.

How we see and understand behaviour is key to shaping their B.E.S.T. behaviour.

Perspective-taking is a life lesson… some of us are good at it already, some have been taught well and some of us are still learning it.

When it comes to children’s behaviour it becomes a vital tool in guiding behaviour positively or negatively.

The more we can understand children’s ages and stages —what is normal(ish) for this age and what behaviour we can expect—helps us gain the perspective necessary in order to shape the behaviour we want and be the kind of parent and teacher our children need us to be.


When interpreting behaviour, here are a few viewpoints that can help us gain perspective—no matter how old the children are:

  • “He’s doing it on purpose, just to bug me.”
    • Or, “He’s still learning.”
  • “I’ve told her 100 times already, she should know better!”
    • Or, “She’s still learning.”

Remember children (and adults) are still learning how to communicate their feelings, how to regulate their emotions, how to wait, take turns, get along and socialize successfully.

It takes time! Adults who are willing to see children’s behaviour from a “learning perspective” will start to see children really blossom and become who they were meant to be!

“People need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed.” —Samuel Johnson

The Power of Perspective is covered in our B.E.S.T. behaviour and Learning Brain workshops.
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“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” —Confucius