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Emotions Matter

Research concludes that children, who can identify, understand and manage their emotions do better in life. Like learning to walk and talk, the process of learning to deal with feelings takes place gradually over months.

One of our jobs as parents and teachers is to help children understand and deal with their feelings.

Handling intense emotions and feelings takes more than limit setting or telling children to “use their words”. Children need to be taught the skills of “emotional” intelligence!

Temper Tamers: 5 Tips to Guide Children’s Emotions

  1. Acknowledge children’s feelings
  2. Help children notice that feelings change
  3. Distinguish between feelings and actions
  4. Offer children several ways to calm themselves down
  5. Teach tools to resolve situations that are hard for children

©Mary Stuart, E.C.E.D.H.

References: Dealing with Feelings, Elizabeth Crary
Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman

Looking for more information?

TemperTAMER: Guiding Emotions Workshop

This workshop presents the tools and techniques to guide children’s emotions and help them deal with their feelings.

This workshop is an excellent follow-up to Essentials for BEST Behaviour.


  • Strategies to help children understand their emotions and those of others
  • Techniques for teaching children to problem solve
  • Tools for bringing down the intensity and enhancing self-control
  • What to do between tantrums and meltdowns