...inspire their best! e-news#31: Feeling Loved!

Children will not remember you for the material things you provided, but for the feeling that you cherished them. — Richard L. Evans

Love is in the air! Valentine’s day and Family Day are fast approaching.

We all have love in our hearts for the children we care for, we tell them often but what is fascinating is that research tells us that just because we tell them, it does not necessarily translate to them “feeling” loved.

So what are ways that we can incorporate to help our children feel loved at home and in our classrooms?

Kids spell love: TIME! TOUCH! & AFFIRMATION!

Time Hanging Out

Perhaps, in the busyness of our days, we can schedule more “hanging out” time – at home or in the classroom.

We know kids need play and if we truly believe and value their play, we will try to provide more time for play, more time to observe, follow, enjoy their discoveries.

No set agendas, no “teaching”, no special place to go…just simply time being together.
100% focused and engaged time sends powerful messages to a child’s inner self that says, “I AM LOVED


Humans, especially children, need touch to engage, grow and develop.

Because of long hours working or long days in childcare, it is even more important that children have physical contact in the way of hugs, a pat on the back, a squeeze of a hand, kiss on a cheek.

Not just when they fall and hurt themselves, but active demonstrations of tender touch on the back, arm or shoulders. These kind, gentle, caring touches transmits potent messages of love and help a child “FEEL LOVED”


As we discussed in last month’s eNews: Words Have Impact, affirming words of affection, admiration, approval, endearment, encouragement and positive guidance, communicate loudly to a child, saying: “I AM LOVED & I AM CARED ABOUT

The benefits last a life time and foster B.E.S.T. Behaviour!

Wishing you Love-filled Valentine and Family Days ahead.