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Mary Stuart, Director,

April Showers Bring May Flowers …

The Art of Positive Thinking has interested me for decades. How is it that some people see the “positive” side of things and others see the “negative?”

Research, by well-known psychologist Martin Seligman, author of The Optimistic Child, tells us that there is “healthy/realistic” optimism, and we can LEARN to be Optimistic.

It is a thinking style, a thinking skill.

We can teach children to see the positives, and by doing so, we are helping them to:

  • Be healthier
  • Happier
  • More Productive
  • Better at Problem Solving
  • Have Better Relationships and
  • Will be Less Likely to Become Depressed!

3 Ways to Cultivate Optimism

Find the positive in everyday living

  • “It is raining again and (not but) we can put on our boots to splash in the puddles!”
  • “Even though we have to wait in this line up, it gives me time to think of all the fun things we did together last night: Splashed in the bathtub, snuggled at bed time and read books together!”

Express your positive feelings

  • “I really like spending time with you. It brightens my day to see you smile.”
  • “Thanks for the hug. It made me feel warm and tingly inside.”

ASK children to find the positives in their everyday events…

  • “What did you like about… going to the grandpas’ house, going for a walk, reading a book etc.?”
  • “Tell me three good things that happened today.”

Let’s give our children the gifts of being better able to handle life’s challenges, having hope for better days and finding joy on those rainy-day days just by our attitudes and actions.

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Happy Spring!

Spread Peace, Joy and Happiness wherever you go…