...inspire their best! e-news#12: Child Behaviour is Complex!

by Mary Stuart, E.C.E.D.H., RECE

Our article ‘Children are Irrational’ provided us with great feedback!

It is very difficult to convey in a short eNews article the full breadth of care and compassion we have for the most important role in our lives – “guiding children’s behaviour.”

The overwhelming majority wrote to say:

“Thank you! Great article – really enjoy these and pass them on to parents and our ECEs!

A very small minority commented, “I am concerned you are sending the wrong message that children are incompetent.”

We are so glad many of you took the time to let us know how these eNews are speaking to you.

We acknowledge that sometimes the message is lost in translation and the title can be misleading!

We want to be clear that we believe “Children are messages we deliver to a future we will never see!”

How we view our role as guider and developer of young children’s minds, bodies and spirits will determine the future they will have and the person they will become.

Our role as parent and teacher is so influential that if we are truly tuned into them and who they are, then they will become who they are meant to be: capable, confident, competent & resilient!

How do we create the home, school, mental, emotional environments?

We can begin by viewing what it means to BE a parent/teacher – the role, responsibility and magnitude of the position.

We can start by reviewing

  1. Our concepts of what “discipline” means – to correct and punish? Or, to model, teach, coach and support?
  2. What kind of home/school environment you want to create – conflict & quick fixes OR compassionate, consistent, communicative?

The parent-child relationship is THE most powerful influence on child behaviour and development! The second most powerful influence on a child’s behaviour is the teacher-child relationship!

When we view a child as a child first and their behaviour and actions as skills they are still learning, we then can and will respond with love, compassion and guidance that assist them in becoming who they were meant to be….

Blessings on your day.

Mary Stuart

Mary Stuart, E.C.E.D.H, RECE,
Childlife…Solutions 4Life with Kids!,
We’re here to help make sense when kids don’t!

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