...inspire their best! e-news #8: Early Advantage = Happy Day Mornings

Want To Give A Child An Early Advantage?

Create a Happy Day Morning!

Giving a child an early advantage to learning begins when we, as parents and teachers, help a child start every day off with peace, confidence and clarity.

Children like to know what is expected of them and enjoy simple, established boundaries and routines.

These are the keys to setting the stage for early learning and academic success!

5 Easy Ways to an Early Advantage & a Happy Day Morning:

  1. PREPARE as much as possible
    Establish easy morning routines the night before!
    Parents: pack your child’s bag and set out clothes and shoes the night before, have easy breakfasts ready to go on the table for when you wake up
    Teachers: set up your classrooms for the next day before you leave: Straighten up your room, set up activity tables and areas; look over your circle and theme plans; pull together what you need for the next day so when you arrive you will be 15-30 minutes ahead of schedule!
  2. BATH/Shower the night before and add 15-30 minutes to your day!
  3. EARLY START: Get up 5-20 minutes earlier & be less flustered and more focused on the task at hand: getting a child ready for learning!
  4. REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: Children will cry! It is ok and NORMAL. Say good-bye, don’t linger; they will be just fine and leave. If you are confident about leaving they will be too!
    Teachers: Simple, Short & Interactive action circles for the first few weeks will set the stage for later learning!
  5. START YOUR DAY with a Hug, Kiss and a Kind Word!
    Build this into your morning and you will reap the rewards!
    Teachers instead of asking, “How are you?” TELL them you are so excited to see them and can’t wait to start your day with them!
    If your morning routine is too hectic to start a child’s day with a “Happy Day” greeting or feeling then see tips 1-5!

Help give a child an EARLY ADVANTAGE with a Happy Day Morning!

Enjoy Your Days & Have Fun!


Mary Stuart, E.C.E.D.H., RECE
Your Early Advantage Specialists

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