...inspire their best! e-news #2: Children learn what they live

Children Learn What they Live!

Children have taught me to strive for excellence – in my self, in what I do with and for them. As I strive for excellence in myself then I am able to inspire the best in children, my colleagues and the parents I work with.

Striving for excellence is not the same as striving for perfectionism!

Striving for perfectionism is unobtainable, de-motivating and de-moralizing. It is not something we should be aiming for within ourselves or our children.

Striving for excellence on the other hand is actually very motivating. It is discovering who I am and what I can do and who I am meant to be. As we move in this stream of thinking and doing, we naturally begin to teach this to the children in our care. Your excellence is different from mine, but if we are both striving towards it, we will make the world of early childhood one of wonder and awe….

Children learn what they live…what are you teaching them?